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Sword & Sphere: Mars is a Fate Accelerated RPG source book that I made for my friends on Patreon. It's 18 pages of illustrations, stats, and GM tips!


Howdy, folks! This zine is what is known as a RPG Sourcebook. This is only setting and flavor for a RPG, not a rulebook or an adventure guide (though I plan on making one soon). This was designed to be used with the Fate Accelerated Edition from the fine folks of Evil Hat Productions, LLC. With this book you'll be able to craft a RPG adventure on a version of Mars that is an amalgamation of the work of some early science fiction authors, H. G. Wells, Percy Greg, Edwin Arnold, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and many more!


For starters, I've tried to showcase the source material over my own original ideas. I didn't want to replace all the original stories with generic versions that are just as much based on Frank Frazetta paintings as they are on the stories. Similarly, this is not a "John Carter" game or a "War of the Worlds" game. It's a setting that tries to stitch it all together, and allow the GM and players to revisit the worlds and themes of Public Domain stories in a new way.

Also, Sword & Sphere seeks to avoid perpetuating the alienating tropes of adventure and SF literature by offering a new perspective and showcasing historical figures and scenes not often visited in RPGs. In doing this, the setting may seem, "historically inaccurate" to some, but a game like this is bound to be inaccurate anyway. By subtly bringing a more representative version of the Earth setting to the forefront, it is my hope that this stupid sourcebook about Martians might in some small way give the readers something new to think about in real world history.

Finally, though combat and violence are accounted for, I strive to bring out the conflict in world views of the alien cultures as well. The players debating the ethics of interceding in an alien way of life, or the strengths and weaknesses of Barsoomian feudalism is just as essential and valuable to the experience as rolling for initiative. Wherever possible, I have striven to highlight aspects of the cultures involved, not just the combat stats and special abilities.


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