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Howdy, folks! I'm American Cartoonist, Kyle Latino! This work, "The Greatest Adventure By Kyle Latino" is a work of Interactive Fiction. That means it's not really a game and it's not really art but it is completely made up. I used a program called Twine 2 to make it, and I think you ought to check it out too.

This particular piece of IF is blatantly inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien's books, "The Hobbit" which was a favorite of mine when I was a boy. Revisiting it as a grown up, it occurs to me that the themes and events are heavily based in the author's own experiences in, what we now call, World War One. While very troubling, he seems to find meaning in his hellish ordeal by telling tales of going off to foreign land to come back to truly find home. It's a powerful thought. But also, I don't really buy it.

I am most certainly a coward, and would never want to go fight a war. I barely manage to go downstairs to use the laundry room. So, I wanted to revisit a fantasy story that is about trying to stay home and not go on an adventure. My message is this, "The Greatest Adventure is to stay home and live your life, dummy! Home is where all the stuff and people you love is! You don't need to almost die in someone else country to know that!"

Be well, friends. And stay home!


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